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When you take time
to get seriously comfortable,
magic can happen.

Interested in personal life coaching sessions or brand coaching? Then join me on The Serious Sofa,
the relaxed place to talk about the stuff that matters. After all, when there’s important things to
explore what could be better than kicking off your shoes, getting seriously comfy – and taking the
time to talk and share. Sound inviting? Take a seat, this is where the magic starts.

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The Serious Sofa from two perspectives


After 35 years in branding and design as a creative and a strategist, I have learned to dig deep through the layers of a brand to uncover the hidden heart and soul of its unique personality – the message and values the consumer will come to cherish. And I have always loved working with people – sharing and challenging ideas, inspiring new perspectives, and helping them to recognise their individual styles, and their talents to flourish.

It was my curiosity, creativity, and love of working with others that inspired me to train as a personal life-coach. And I was delighted to discover how well my approach to branding could be applied to coaching. We all have our distinct personalities and voices, along with our hidden challenges, things we avoid and rarely talk about. But with patient curiosity, we can unearth our hidden strengths and possibilities and figure out how we want to be in the world. And it's often the things we’ve long forgotten, that have been stuffed away in our old sock drawer that make us the unique individual selves we really are.


And it’s from these two perspectives – the creative and the coaching - that inspired The Serious Sofa. 

The Serious Sofa offers personal life-coaching, a place for talking about the serious stuff that matters, while working with the skills, creativity, and resourcefulness you already have to inspire new ways of thinking, being and doing. And beyond this? I will support and guide you – start-ups and small businesses – as you shape your brand foundation and uncover the potential that will make your brand unique.

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